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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Tea light Boxes using Mocha Morning papers

Hi everyone,
thank you for calling in today.
I spend a good few hours yesterday perfecting my dimensions for this little tea light box. First I tried it in inches but it just wouldnt come together properly, so I re-measured my 3 tea lights in cm and this worked out must better. You should see the bits of card that I wasted on this. I can see me punching out flowers with it. I used Homebase tealights.

So for the base (to put the t/ls in), you need a piece of card 8cm x 17cm. Score at 2cm,6cm along the 8cm side and at 2cm and 15 cm along the 17cm.

For the outside of the box, you need a piece of card measuring 13 x 13 cm.
Score along one side at 1cm, for the flap to tape up, 3cm, 7cm and 9cm.

Hope you enjoy making these lovely gifts.
I used the Mocha Morning papers, which have some beautiful velvet papers.
these can be ordered from me if you don't have an Stampin Up demo.

thanks for looking.

Linda x